The Chicago Club, for residents of Sun City Anthem, Henderson, NV, holds events of interest to people from the Chicago-area, those who have significant others or family from the Chicago-area, those who appreciate the Chicago-area, and anyone who just wants to have fun with a friendly group of people.  Activities are primarily designed around Chicago themes.

The Chicago Club became an official Sun City Anthem club when it was chartered in October 2014.  At that time, the club had approximately 30 members.  As of September 28, 2018, the club membership has grown to 326 in barely four years.

People often ask if you have to have lived in the Chicago-area to become a member of the club.  The answer is no.  In fact, we have a number of people who never lived there or anywhere nearby.  Our membership requirements are not very demanding or exclusive.  In fact, if you just know someone from the Chicago-area, have visited the Chicago-area, would like to visit the Chicago-area, have ever been stuck at O’Hare Airport, or have ever eaten a piece of Chicago-style deep dish pizza, you qualify to become a member.  Obviously, all of this is said tongue in cheek.  Any resident of Sun City Anthem holding a valid activity card can be a member of the club.

It’s easy to join the club.  Just put a check for the dues ($7 per person per year) in the club’s mailbox, located in the Anthem Center directly across from the physical fitness desk.  Our mailbox is in the lower left hand corner.  Please include your telephone number, email address, and SCA card number.  Please do not put cash in the mailbox – checks only.  If you would like further information about the club, contact Membership Chair Pat Westbrook at grand7_4@yahoo.com, or club secretary Bob Goldfried at scachicagoclub@gmail.com, or 702-202-3796.

There is a short segment of the Anthem Alive TV series on Sun City Anthem’s very own TV station devoted to the Chicago Club.  Anyone can view the segment at their leisure on their computer.  Just go to www.sca-tv.com.  Click on the “Let’s Go Clubbing” tab on the left side of the screen, and then on the Chicago Club line, and you can see the segment that way.  It’s less than two minutes long.

Volunteer opportunities

All club activities are planned and organized by volunteer club members.  Participating in an event planning committee is an excellent way to meet club members in a more personal way than simply attending activities.  We urge you to contact a board member if you’d like to get more involved.  We can always use the help.

List of board members and contact information


President             Bill Beckman        702-538-8094   billgailb@aol.com

Vice President    Jackie Del Genio   702-270-3385   jdelgen7@gmail.com

Secretary             Bob Goldfried      702-202-6879  scachicagoclub@gmail.com

Treasurer            Bob Glod

At-large Board Members

Brian Ehlers

Myra Berkovits    702-280-4867     reddave1@gmail.com

Ed Carbone                                        edc5242@gmail.com

Ex Officio Members

Membership Chair   Pat Westbrook   714-612-5769   grand7_4@yahoo.com

Event Planning Chair  Sheila Gillis    847-845-9345   hughster13@yahoo.com